Sheep sign is the eighth Chinese zodiac sign.  Zodiac sheep is the secret friend of the Zodiac horse. Chinese zodiac sheep is allied with Chinese zodiac rabbit and zodiac pig  Chinese horoscope sheep is against horoscope ox

We have our own design deparment develop up to 200 styles every month ,and our mold-marking department
can creat customer samples in three days. we accept OEM and have a good quanlity !
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>>> Lucky Money Frog                     >>> Kuan Kong                                             >>> Bai Choi  Statue 

>>> Dragon Statue                              >>> Chinese Lucky Buddha                        >>> Ba Gua 

>>> Pi Yao                                          >>> Thai Buddha Statue                              >>> Pagodas

>>> Fu Dog                                            >>> Zen Garden                                             >>> Crystal Ball 

>>>Horse Statue                                  >>> Buddha Candle Holder                          >>> Money Tree 

>>> Eagle Statue                                  >>> Oil Burner                                                  >>> Gemstone statue

>>> Madarin Ducks                             >>> Incense Burner                                       >>> Ashtray